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by Nicholas Wolfe

Gordon and Jane Martz Coffee Table

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Gordon and Jane Martz Coffee Table
United States
Circa 1950s


This tulip shaped coffee table, crafted by the skilled artisans Jane and Gordon Martz, is a captivating fusion of elegance and functionality. This exquisite piece showcases their masterful artistry with its timeless design. The table features a stunning tulip shape that embodies grace and sophistication, making it a true centerpiece in any living space. Its top surface is adorned with meticulously hand-laid ceramic coin tiles, beautifully blending earthy tones of brown and cream. These tiles add a touch of organic warmth and visual interest to the table's surface. The solid oak stem and base provide a sturdy foundation, ensuring durability while seamlessly complementing the ceramic tiles. With its impeccable craftsmanship and striking aesthetic, the Tulip Shaped Coffee Table by Jane and Gordon Martz is a testament to the artists' dedication and passion for creating functional works of art.

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