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by Nicholas Wolfe

John Mascheroni Curved Sofa

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John Mascheroni Curved Sofa
Circa 1980
United States

H: 28'
W: 84"
D: 50.5

This John Mascheroni curved sofa, is an elegant piece of modern furniture that adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. This beautifully crafted sofa features a striking curved design, seamlessly blending style and comfort to create an inviting atmosphere for conversation and relaxation.

This sofa comfortably seats up to three people, making it perfect for hosting intimate gatherings or enjoying quiet evenings with loved ones. Meticulously upholstered with new foam, this sofa offers an unrivaled level of plush comfort that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The sofa's luxurious ochre boucle fabric is not only visually stunning, but also offers a rich, tactile experience that adds warmth and depth to any interior. The fabric's unique texture and vibrant hue make it a true statement piece, elevating the overall aesthetic of your home

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