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by Modern Drama

Toshiyuki Kita “Wink” Lounge Reclining Chair for Cassini

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Toshiyuki Kita for Cassina, Italy

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 29”
Width:  32”
Depth:  69”

Folded Dimensions: 
Height:  34.5”
Width:  32:
Depth:  44”

Original upholstered fabric, the ‘Wink’ chair was designed by Toshiyuki Kita for Cassina in the 1980’s and combines eastern and western influences to produce an versatile armchair that, by folding its base, becomes a chaise lounge. Highly ergonomic, it can easily be shifted from a seated to lying position with adjustable back and head rests which conforms easily to the shape of the body.

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